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I love Bitcoin Billionaire (Free) for existing. It’s an idle clicker game, where tapping the screen gets stuff that can be spent on other stuff, but I’ve spent way too much time playing this. I’ve mined way too many fake bitcoins to be proud of myself in any way. I’ve had fun, and this game provides some real excitement and does so in a way that can be played for free with innovative incentivized advertising, but again, I feel kind of ashamed about it. Genuinely, it deserves five stars for excellence at what it is, but perhaps one star out of spite for existing.

Bitcoin Billionaire 1How Bitcoin Billionaire works is that it’s about mining fake bitcoins by tapping the screen rapidly to mine them. Then, those bitcoins are spent on investments which get increasingly ridiculous, going from comic books to hyperloops. As well, the miner tool can be upgraded to later levels, which mines more bitcoins per tap. And this all happens while the house the miner sits in gets more ornate and ridiculous, while they sit there tapping away at the keyboard, watching the bitcoins come in. There’s fake news that runs across the top of the screen parodying games and tech, and the silliness of you, mining bitcoins.

The clicker genre is fascinating to me, in part because it manages to distill what a game is down to a very simple set of circumstances: the challenge is literally how much you can click in order to get more of the game’s currency, which you then spend to make it faster. Most games are less blatant about this being their loops, but clickers wear it on their sleeve. They’re about satisfaction and yearning for more of it, and they don’t mask it in any way. Heck, Bitcoin Billionaire wears it on its sleeve, making its fake currency about mining (fake) bitcoins. Sadly, we probably won’t see a clicker game about mining a real cryptocurrency any time soon, at least on iOS. There was Super Doge on Google Play for a short while.

I think that the clicker genre requires a certain mindset to enjoy, the acceptance of the idea that a video game can be about the minimum requirements at all to be a ‘game’ in any way! But even then, I think I enjoy the absolute lack of barrier to entry. I can pick up Bitcoin Billionaire and play it right away. I can play it casually while watching TV, or read something on the internet while idly tapping, though the game rewards focused play through the random events and the boxes that drop in. As well, multitouch tapping is supported, so you can put some effort into getting those fake bitcoins. Perhaps it’s the utter lack of commitment that I enjoy so much that allows me to dive in completely. I feel just a bit confused by that, honestly. I know how stupid and shallow it is, but I can’t stop caring about it.

Bitcoin Billionaire 4 Bitcoin Billionaire 3

Bitcoin Billionaire is free-to-play, but is definitely a game that can be played without spending a dime or even watching a single ad, it’ll just require slower progression. There’s a two-tier currency system, but the hard currency, hyperbits, are given out for free, 25 per day. There’s incentivized video ads for a number of purposes, but there’s also incentivized banner ads, where displaying banners for a certain amount of time will grant a reward similarly to the video ads, like a coin burst based on investment earnings, or bonus tapping rates. The random events that pop up can be enhanced if positive or bypassed if negative by watching a video ad or paying 2 hyperbits.

As far as what actual money can be spent on, these include hyperbits which can be exchanged for bitcoins or supercharged boosts. There’s an Auto Miner available so you can tap and hold in order to mine bitcoins. There’s a coin doubler and a daily hyperbit doubler. You can also buy a cat for $0.99 or 50 hyperbits.

But really, the game doesn’t require spending anything on it, it’s literally only to speed up progression, which is what this game is all about. The fun is in watching the numbers get higher and buying things to make the game progress faster. The hyperbits are pretty much the only paywall of any sort, as once you run out of the daily allotment, and if you run out of ads to watch, then you’ll either have to pony up for more hyperbits or suffer the negative consequences of the random events when they happen. So if you want faster progression without setbacks, well, Noodlecake is happy to take your money. This is truly a free-to-play game, though I admit I have spent a couple of dollars on this.


Again, I’m ashamed because I know this game’s tricks, I know it’s meant to be as shallow as possible and yet I can’t stop playing. It’s amusing and well-made and I either highly recommend playing it or staying far, far away. But no matter what, I’ve got a virtual top hat, private beach, and more fake bitcoins than I know what to do with.

If you enjoy playing Make It Rain because of money making concept, you will surely like Bitcoin Billionaire as a game which brings some twist with classic tap the screen based game into something new. Technically this is an idle clicker that is all about raking in bitcoins and build up an imperial of wealth. Of course just like in other millionaires’ game you will start with nothing, as you have only a crummy computer, run-down office and a rickety old desk. So it is all about tapping the screen so you can mine virtual bitcoins and gradually increase your wealth. You can also upgrade your assets using digital dough and turn them into entertainment centers and vintage work of art. But of course this is making money so you need to spend your money in investment that will help you make even more money. This is the only investment which come entertaining and not like with the real only we wish that we can withdraw our money in game into real life. So you are ready to start becoming rich? You can consider some guides and tips for playing Bitcoin Billionaire effectively.

1. Take advantage in watching videos. Watching videos let you either earn double earnings or penalty from getting bad card draw. So here’s the trick when watching videos, of course you want to get cool reward but if happens that you get penalized, you can skip it from getting penalty. From here this will help you acquire safe money without any disadvantage. This is a good trick especially later on you are able to lose millions bitcoins with a single penalty.

2. Investment cheat. Upon using cheat you can have lots of coins without even playing the game. To start the Bitcoin Billionaire cheats, you need to set your device to never sleep option and then plug in the charger and simply let the game run. You can do this when you are about to sleep and in the morning you will see that you already have lots of money. Just work on it to the fullest by ensure that you have the investment upgrade to maximum. You need to off the auto sleep feature of your phone so it can run the game ignoring even it is idle. While when it comes in charging the game, this is to ensure that your gadget is on without running out the battery.

3. Upgrade your sources. As you are working with money, you must start upgrading to those who can gives you lot of money. When it come on upgrading, you will come to think that you spend a lot of time tapping the screen upon playing this game, so it is better for you to use all your made money in the upgrade sections since this gives you more revenue per tap.

4. Invest for long run advantage. When it comes to investment, you must go for the long run. As a general rule, investments give you bitcoins while you do nothing so to work with the cheat we mentioned above, it is better to focus upgrading them too so you can cheat Bitcoin Billionaire to the fullest. You can also consider when getting a new investments, you must purchase the most expensive one available since that’s what gives you more revenue per second. You can simply start the app and put it aside and you will make money.

5. Use all your fingers. Basic concept of the game is that the faster you can tap the game the better your rewards. So from here you can apply the concept of the many the better so don’t limit your gameplay using your two fingers only. If you can use both hands and all fingers the better so you can stay active and keep on tapping.

Bitcoin Billionaire tips, cheats and hacks

For those of you who are serious about playing this game (or those of you who are already playing), I took the liberty to compile a list of tips and hacks that will boost your earnings as you play along:

      1. Tap with more than one finger at a time. Many people say tap with 2 finger on each hand but I found that using 4 fingers on a single hand on after the other works best for me.
      2. Make sure to upgrade your Bitminer when you can as it will give you more Bitcoins per tap. There’s a total of 75 Bitminer upgrades available. When you upgrade miners you will also get cool new stuff for your house (or a new house altogether). The upgrades happen each time you go up a version in your Bitminer (e.g. from Bitminer 7.6 to Bitminer 8.0).
      3. Purchase investments so that you will keep earning Bitcoins even when you’re not tapping and even when you’re not playing the game. Move between investments as quickly as possible (even though it’s expensive).
      4. Each day you get daily rewards such as the ability to collect up to 25 hyperbits and a daily spin on the Bitcoin roulette. Make sure to take advantage of these bonuses as much as possible.
      5. The game uses a pretty smart way to get users to view ads. Whenever something “bad” happens, like the price of Bitcoin going down, you can avoid that event by watching an ad. Depending on the event consider watching an ad in order to cancel it. It may be worth watching a 30 second ad instead of tapping 5 more minutes to get that money back.
      6. On the other hand, whenever something good happens (e.g. Bitcoin’s price goes up) you can double the effect by watching an ad as well. Again, it may be worth your time to watch that ad.
      7. Complete achievements in order to earn free coin bonuses on a permanent basis.
        Go to the achievement section in the menu and look for the ones that have a coin next to them. These achievements will each earn you a 5% permanent coin bonus until you reset the game, so complete these ones as quickly as possible.
      8. You can earn Hyperbits by going to the “Store” and looking under “free stuff”. In that section you will be able to earn Hyperbits by following Bitcoin Billionaire on Twitter, Enabling push notifications and more.
      9. You can pay 1 Hyperbit in the store in order to redesign your character.
      10. If you want to receive bonuses for your coins adopt a car or get a mini time machine by paying the number of Hyperbits needed on the “store”->”pets” section.
      11. If you have a large amount of Hyperbits you can go to the “Superhcarge” section and get some major bonuses like x200 mining power, the ability to just hold your finger on the screen instead of tapping and more.
      12. Make sure to read the news on the top of the screen, it’s pretty hilarious…
      13. If you’re really lazy just make sure to accumulate enough offline investment and leave your phone without auto sleep working for the night.
      14. You can reset the game from the “settings” menu whenever you want. However if you reset it after getting the Bitminer 25.0 you will geta a built in Bitminer bonus percentage, making your second play through go by faster.Have Fun!

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