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Two days back one of the user from faucethub offered me a good online mining game , yes its a game not like other mining site where you need to utilize your CPU/GPU to earn bitcoin. This is game only where no hardware is involved.

I enjoyed Febbit very much , it is game of addiction same like freebitco.in. I was waiting for my payment from Febbit so that i can write genuine review of Febbit. And today i got paid instantly from site.


How to login on febbit.com ?

Febbit.com doesn’t need any special signup. All you can signup and signin directly with Google ,  by giving a special permission of Viewing your email address only.

Once you signin you will see your working dashboard , where you will get one box of Mining Hashes , one box of Speed of Mining Hash, One box of You Engine Heat and One is of Energy.

Best part of this game is,  it is mobile friendly , having no popups or shortner visit to claim.

How does febbit works ?

All four boxes are having there features. Which is a part of Mining game. Which makes things more interesting and make user busy in continue playing it.


Febbit Mining Hashes :- Mining hashes get converted into Bitcoins , Credits and Exp. Once the block got mined which we can see in the image given below. Once it is mined there will display Collect Block. Click it to collect it.


Once block become mined fully it will look like this


And when we click we got this popup window showing our rewards. Which got added to our Balances.


Febbit Heat Engine : – Once the Heat engine started it will Boost your Hashes and more hashes will get mined in that period. Then it will get timer of cooling. Once the timer finish we have to click it back to reboost. This is the regular process we have to do. Which usually take 2-3 minute gap.  With every reboost we will gain 1 EXP which increase our level.

Now see when i reboost ( By clicking Cool Down Button )  Heat Engine increased Hashes,  which were 14 H/s in normal condition become 117 H/s  and until Engine become fully 100% heated it will increase suddenly my mining hashes.


Febbit Energy :- It is getting used by Miner for hashing and mining. So our energy meter will fall down slowly and once it become 0% , we have to click the box to recharge it. With every recharge we will gain 1 EXP which increase our Level for further progress in Mining Game.

When energy become 0% it will show ” recharge ” on energy button. Click it to recharge back.


Febbit chips and installation

With every level up we are getting one Chip. These chips we can installed in our Chip slots to boost our Miner performance, like Hashes/Second , Energy Saving , Heat Overclocking etc. Also we can Upgrade Febbit Chips.

One good thing is we can sell our chips back to system if they are not in use , Initially we have 9 Slots to install our chip to boost our miner. Rest chips will Stay idle in our inventory. So if they are useless and not going to get Installed , We can sell those chips back to System ( Website ). And in return we will get CR (Credit ) with that we can upgrade other chips.


How to get paid from Febbit ?

Febbit minimum payment is 1000 satoshi , and right now option enabled to cashout is Faucethub ( Instant ) , But other option are also mentioned which are not available yet are : Xapo , Direct and IOTA Tokens.

My first payment from Febbit

Kết quả hình ảnh cho My first payment from Febbit

Do Febbit is having any Referral/Affiliate System ?

Yes , they have referral/affiliate system too. They are giving 20%  commission on the satoshi referral will earn.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho FEBBIT PAYMENT PROOF

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