“Tsuki Adventure” the cute rabbit game

After a long, busy day, we love to curl up with games that help us relax. That’s why we love Tsuki Adventure, the latest game from our friends at HyperBeard Games. Tsuki Adventure isn’t a game in the traditional sense – it’s more of an experience and a feeling. In this “passive adventure game,” you won’t find yourself going on long quests or battling any baddies. It’s a peaceful, charming little world where you can unwind for a few minutes a day and take your mind off whatever is bothering you. Spend time in the Mushroom Village with Tsuki, make new friends, collect lots of items, and watch as the pages of his diary fill up with wonderful memories day after day.

Tsuki Adventure is a bit like taking the elements you love most from Animal Crossing – strolling through town, fishing, and chatting with your neighbors, and combining it with the charming simplicity of KleptoCats. Tsuki Adventure isn’t a game you play, it’s a lovely friend you check in with to find out what they’re up to.

Explore the Peaceful Countryside:

When the game begins, you’ll find Tsuki hard at work amongst the hustle and bustle of his job in the city. He is a bit lonely and stressed out, but when he receives a letter from his Grandfather who has fallen ill, everything changes for him as he heads to the countryside to tend to his Grandpa’s carrot farm and house.

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This is where your time with Tskui begins. Explore the town, ride the train, make friends with the villagers, and embark on a tranquil adventure. As he settles into his new country home, he begins to appreciate all the little things life has to offer. It’s a really great story and a message that reminds players to find the things in life that make them happy as well. We can all gain so much perspective and happiness by disconnecting every once in a while, enjoying a delicious meal or a chat with a sibling, and just living life in the moment like Tsuki.

Collect Wonderful Memories:

Each time you check in on Tsuki, there is a chance of unlocking a new diary entry where he’ll share the events of his day. Sometimes you’ll find that he’s enjoyed a mug of Carrot Matcha Tea while you were away. Other times he’ll have spotted a shooting star in the sky. You’ll always feel compelled to return to the game to see what Tsukihas been up to and what memories he has made! We love when we find him napping under a tree in the sunshine.

Buying items from Yori the Fox gives you something to do with all the carrots you harvest in the game, but it’s also a collection to build. Each item you purchase will be randomly used Tsuki and will appear in his house as a decoration. It also unlocks adorable animations and possible diary entries for you to discover. If you purchase a fishing rod, you may return to the game to see Tsuki fishing by the watering hole. If you buy him a duck raft, he’ll float the day away. This makes the diary entries quite addicting, with 54 to unlock, you’ll be eager to read them all!

Surprises to Discover:

As with similar games such as Neko Atsume or Hilda Creatures, each time you return to the game, there will be something new to discover. Tsuki Adventure is basic by design, it’s not meant to become a time-consuming burden. It’s the exact opposite. Foster your friendships with the fellow villagers like Chi the giraffe and BoBo the panda.

Go shopping for surprise items from the toy machine to build out your toy collections and be sure to check back at all different times of the day. The game follows your real world time zone, meaning if it’s nighttime where you live, the game will display a dark starry sky. There are certain things you’ll only encounter in the game if you check back during certain times of the day, so you’ll want to be sure to check in before you head to school or before you go to bed at night.

Tsuki Adventure Review

We were quite charmed by this sweet little game. Tsuki Adventure may not be the game for everyone, but gamers who love collecting, adorable characters, and simplicity will be delighted by Tsuki’s story. One thing we want to mention is that the game is rated as ages 12+ due to a few mild references and heavier themes (Tsuki’sgrandfather has passed away), but we think that most young gamers should be able to handle it. Tsuki Adventureis now available for free for iOS and Android devices. Be sure to always get permission before downloading anything from the app store or making any in-app purchases.

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